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Riopelle a fiery fire, The Awakening of a sculpture

Extract from the documentary “Riopelle a fiery fire, The awakening of a sculpture”

(End of production planned autumn 2014)

The theme of the film is the setting in scene of the bronze cast of a sculpture, a less known aspect of the techniques tackled by Riopelle, a multidisciplinary artist. Located between the art film and the conventional documentary, this short film of about 22 minutes puts in images all the stages of the cast of art as they are practiced nowadays in certain foundries of North America .

The first role of this documentary is held by the sculpture Hibou-Roc created in clay by Jean Paul Riopelle at the turn of 1969 in his workshop located at the foundry Clémenti (France) and immediately converted into plaster with the ultimate aim of seeing it realized in bronze. Finally, this sculpture, among others of the same inspiration and time, will be realized in bronze in 2010 at the Inverness art foundry, the location of the present shoot.

The representation of the owl was chosen more particularly because of the emblematic subject that generated in the artist an important corpus of works in relation to space time through the creations or the many techniques discussed.

The film also aims to document one of the complex techniques of the art of fire, little known or ignored by the public in general.

With the participation of: Madeleine Arbor, pioneer of visual arts, interior design and communication, signatory of Refus global; Gérard Bélanger, painter and sculptor founder of the Inverness Art Foundry; Roseline Granet, sculptor and Yseult Riopelle, author of the Catalog raisonné of Jean Paul Riopelle and editor.

Foundry craftsmen: Isabelle Frenette, Emmanuel Descoupieras, Inverness Art Factory, Quebec

Co-production: Catalog raisonné Jean Paul Riopelle and Basta!

Director and Editor: Philippe Arsenault

Direction of photography: François Messier-Rheault

Sound recording: Maxime Dumesnil and Alexandre Lemouel

Riopelle, Sam Zafran, Clémenti, Fonderie de Meudon, France, vers 1962.

Page couverture du The Globe Magazine, 1964.


Quelques photos réalisées lors du tournage

Gérard Bélanger, peintre et sculpteur fondateur de la Fonderie d’Art d’Inverness.