Letter to Jean Paul Riopelle

Poste restante l’Île

Dear Jean Paul ,
Many years ago, flipping through Françoise’s souvenir albums, I discovered this clipping. With a wink at the humor that was all yours, from there sprang my adventure. The tracks being, for once, sufficiently precise, of the Caroussel bridge, to the water, I threw myself. I learned to float, to swim, to dive, to float downstream upstream, to sail towards the estuary, to cast off, without much hesitation and drifting, to take off, to make the point, to land on other continents and without enthusiasm to stop over.

I met little flat calm always rescued by righteous benefactions but on the other hand some murky waters. While waiting for a lull save, but sometimes ephemeral, the bad weather forced me to put in cap. Foam-watch, as in the past on the Serica, I hold relentlessly the quarters in search of your two paintings left over the water. Because, it would be necessary to register these “images” in the logbook of these nine lives of which I offer you today the first.

By all means, I still have good hope in our ship Serica. But is not that the name of a star?

I kiss you.

Turin, 6 July 1999

J’ai rencontré peu de calme plat toujours secourue par des risées bienfaitrices mais en revanche quelques eaux troubles. Dans l’attente d’une accalmie salvatrice, mais parfois éphémère, les intempéries m’ont forcée à mettre à la cap. Mousse-vigie, comme par le passé sur le Sérica, je tiens sans relâche les quarts à la recherche de tes deux tableaux partis au fil de l’eau. Car, il faudrait bien inscrire ces “images” au carnet de bord de ces neufs vies dont je t’offre aujourd’hui la première.

Par vents et marées, j’ai toujours bon espoir en notre navire le Sérica. Mais n’est-ce pas le nom d’une étoile?

Je t’embrasse.

Turin, 6 juillet 1999