Celebrating a Centenary
of Artistic Genius


It was Riopelle’s wish that the foundation bearing his name take on a participative approach in all of its endeavours: he wanted to bring people to work together.

At the onset of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the artist in 2023, the Jean Paul Riopelle Foundation seeks to involve the general public and art enthusiasts in Canada and everywhere around the world in the creative process leading to the centenary as well as in the exchange of history, stories and knowledge around the life and oeuvre of Riopelle.

Eager to foster the next generation of artists and arts aficionados, the Foundation invites the public to emulate Riopelle, to surpass their own creative boundaries, their imagination and their sense of innovation.

The centenary of the most internationally-renowned Canadian artist must also reflect his path: from his birthplace in Montréal, where he grew up and blossomed into an artist, to France where he spent over 40 years, to the United States, and to the many villages and cities where he left his mark.

The Jean Paul Riopelle Foundation wants to hear from everyone so that with a great diversity of ideas, projects and extraordinary events, the centenary may become a collective legacy, a masterpiece in hommage to Riopelle.

More than a celebration, the centenary will be a duty of remembrance, an international commemoration. Only then, can we perpetuate Jean Paul Riopelle’s work and legacy into the next century.

Stay tuned to learn more about our great plans for the 2023 centenary!

Iceberg no 1, 1977, Oil on canvas, 280 x 430 cm
© Estate of Jean Paul Riopelle / SOCAN (2020)