Research Notice

If you have information that could help me complete the Catalog raisonné of my father Jean Paul Riopelle’s works, or if you want to know more about his work, do not hesitate to contact me:

Catalog raisonné of the work of Jean Paul Riopelle

Yseult Riopelle
4752 BC Grosvenor, Montreal,
Quebec, H3W 2L8, Canada
Tel .: (514)281-9991
Email: [email protected]

Note: Confidentiality is completely assured.

In order to complete the catalog raisonné are sought:

The paintings, the works on paper, the sculptures and the prints in order to make the necessary verifications as well as to obtain visual documents specific to the edition of art books.
Ektachromes at least 4 x 5 are recommended, including a color chart.
Exhibition catalogs, writings, reviews, press clippings, etc.
Archival photos such as personal photos or taken at public events.
Note: Overall dimensions and photographic equipment are to be checked.